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The GTL/MSI Club program was created from the merger of the very successful Greene Turtle DE Lacrosse Club into the MSI portfolio of sports offerings. The integration of the two organizations is ideal to continue to meet the MISSION of the program - enhanced training and development in an environment offering the best overall player experience. The cornerstone of the club's success is to offer to players the opportunity to pursue the highest level of lacrosse with an emphasis on teaching to play the right way.

What you can gain from the Greene Turtle experience

Excellent Coaching

The area's best coaches are actively involved in the building and teaching of a first class training curriculum. The current roster of coaches includes a US Lacrosse Hall of Fame member, a former Team USA player, multiple former collegiate coaches and players along with the area's top private and public-school coaches.


Our main goal is to develop your player to become the best lacrosse player she can become through individual and team skill and athletic performance development. Over the past several years, we have gained an excellent reputation for our style of play, our development curriculum, our players and our sportsmanship - on and off the field.

Team Values

Our directors and coaches participate in this program because they love the game of lacrosse and enjoy player development both on and off the field of play. Character development is a constant emphasis with all the teaching and coaching. We play a team-first style and welcome players and families who fit that mold.

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